Friday, September 15, 2006

Coming Home

Tomorrow is Homecoming at UVA, and I'll be at Scott Stadium for the game. I'm not really sure what to expect, being that I haven't been to a Homecoming game (or any other game, for that matter, save for last weekend's default win over Wyoming) since I was in my last year at UVA a half-decade ago.

Back when I was in Cowtown, the games seemed to be pretty much conference affairs against weak teams like Duke, Wake Forest and NC State. (There was one year we played San Jose State, killing them by like 50 points). So there was almost always some reason to get excited over the game, no matter how minor it was. But since we've started to play non-conference games for Homecoming (Akron last year, Western Michigan this year), I don't really know how much excitement there is over the game.

There seemed to be a lot of juice in the house last weekend, though, so maybe having the alumni back will really get the place rocking. Scott Stadium can definitely be an intimidating place if the crowd gets on its feet, as Florida State found out in 2005.

Regardless of the University crowd, I think this weekend is probably the best chance Townies will have for the rest of the year to see UVA football. Being that it's Western Michigan, tickets will probably be available, as opposed to the rest of the year, where you've got Maryland, UNC, Miami and NC State. (In Cowtown, it's all ACC from here on out, baby!) Plus, kids get in for half-price tomorrow ($15 each), and it's a pretty good way to spend the afternoon. Weather should be nice, too - the Weather Channel is calling for partly cloudy skies and a balmy 75 degree high.

If you don't have plans for tomorrow, I'd say you should make 'em for Scott Stadium at 3:30. Park over at Fontaine Research Park (which is free, a price I can deal with) and walk over through the forest and past Hereford College. It should be a lot of fun.

Go Hoos!

12:53am Update - Damn. Looks like I was's sold out. Sorry, everyone. That'll teach me not to assUme.


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