Tuesday, September 12, 2006


If you're wondering why the actual Charlottesville content here is rather low so far, it's because I haven't actually landed on the ground there yet. I was in town for the UVA-Wyoming game on Saturday, but after a quick overnight trip to my soon-to-be-home, it was right back up to DC courtesy of another red-eye drive up 29. I'm going to be going down for the next UVA game on Saturday, and moving some stuff down, then down for good at the end of the month. So the actual Charlottesville stuff will be starting up soon, or at least as much of it as I care to mention.

Just to get it out of the way right now, "Cowtown" is my shorthand for Charlottesville. It actually comes from my friend, Mediocre Fred, who went to UVA with me lo those five years ago. Back when we started at UVA, Charlottesville was a pretty sleepy, country town, and you'd routinely see cows grazing on the way down 29 going through Culpeper, Madison and Greene Counties. Now, not so much. But the relative lack of anything to do down there other than stuff on Grounds and going to a movie at one of the shoehorn theaters up on 29 North seemed to make Cowtown a pretty appropriate nickname. He called it that, and it stuck in my mind.

Today, Charlottesville is a little better about having stuff going on. Better theaters, more (and bigger) stores, more concerts and stuff. The new JPJ Arena will add a lot more entertainment variety to the town, and the Pavillion downtown had some good acts this summer. Plus, the recently-reopened Paramount has got a pretty good slate of concerts and comedy acts through the winter and spring. So that's cool.

But to me, it'll always be...well, you know.


At September 13, 2006 4:46 PM, Anonymous Mediocre Fred said...

I haven't back back to ol' Cowtown in years, so I'll take your word that it's finally growing up into a real town.

God, I remember those shoehorn theaters, though. Remember when we saw "The 13th Warrior" instead of the Hillcats, because it was raining? Typical experience. Lousy theater, lousy movie, lousy weather. No wonder I high-tailed back to the Fedroplex as soon as I could.

P.S. If Charlottesville is Cowtown, shouldn't the new arena be called the Cow Palace?

At September 14, 2006 4:21 PM, Blogger B.C. said...

I remember that night all too well. There were a lot of lousy nights back in those days, at the Cineplex Crapeon.

P.S. This is a phenomenal idea! From now on, on these pages, the new arena will be known as The Cow Palace. Thanks!


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