Monday, September 11, 2006

Football On. Me Watch Now.

Watching Monday Night Football for the first time in like a year. The Skins were playing pretty competently until they got into the Red Zone and promptly sucked wind, as usual. 13-9 Redskins at the half.

I've never liked Monday Night Football. It just seems wrong, having a game on a weeknight. Football is for Sundays and Thanksgiving. Fall afternoons, after you've gotten done raking leaves, or winter afternoons after you've gotten done shoveling snow. Not for late nights after work trying to stay awake long enough to get through halftime.

The 7 pm start is a little better now, but unless it's the Redskins playing, I could give a flying fuck about staying up to watch football on a work night.

Not that they listen to me.


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