Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Wonders of Youtube

What's Playing in my Head: "Juicy", by Better Than Ezra
Quote of the Day: "Should I, you know, go into normal photosynthetic activity or a life of crime?" - Dave Coyne

Youtube is officially the coolest site in the universe.

It's like a drunk college slacker's paradise, with all the different videos on there. You can be watching some dude's treatise on life, then click over to a Gummi Bears episode from 1985. I've searched for stuff on there that I'd never thought I'd see again, and I've hit on some great videos I probably would have never seen otherwise. Sort of live having tivo for the internet.

Of course, you do have the contingent of high school douchebags who think their shitty videos of their friend lighting their farts on fire are the latest revolution in comedy. Or the video bloggers (God, the video bloggers...) who thought, "Dammit, polluting the internet with reams of my meaningless, inconsequential drivel isn't enough. People must see my face while I do it!" Or the dorfs with zero talent who see the place as a high-tech audition for Hollywood stardom and fortune. No, Tyrell, you are not the next B.I.G. No, Austin McSqueaky, you are not going to be in Queens of the Stone Age. Let it go.

My latest Youtube obsession is watching video highlights from NPB, which is the Japanese baseball league. This dude terioh posts these clips packages from Japanese TV showing the previous night's games and scores. It's like watching Asian ESPN, in a totally unintelligible language (the fact that I took Japanese in college is of absolutely no help whatsoever). And yet, it's somehow more pleasing than watching real ESPN. (Maybe it's the fact that, unlike real ESPN, this one shows teams that don't end in "ees" or "Sox". Just a thought)

I'm sure that, just like everything else, I'm going to get sick of Youtube after awhile and move on to my next fixation. For now, though, I'm going to stick to stuff like NPB highlights, Chad Vader-Day Shift Manager and the Skeletor Show. Or...


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